Hello Cyber World!

I am thrilled to writing my first official blog on my newly designed and freshly launched blog site! WordPress.com is so simple and offers such beautiful choices that it actually took me an hour to decide which theme to go with. I know I’ll be playing with the design theme and widgets for a while yet – but I really wanted to just start somewhere and jump into my brave new world. I have been a ghost wrirter for 2 years for my boss, so I do know how to blog. I am still so excited to have my own own platform and my own voice to explore. Loving my new HP Pavilion g6 laptop/notebook. Of course it’s red! I can hold it on my lap and work anywhere – something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. I’ve inserted a drawing of a black American Cocker Spaniel because I have one and he is the best dog. His name is Jango – more about him later. For now – Yipeee – I’m in cyber space!!!!!


3 comments on “Hello Cyber World!

  1. Just wanted to say hi long time no see your face hope all is well

  2. I like your dog jango my kids have exact same dog . U look as young as ever it’s good to see your face we will have to talk some time

  3. My email is twsprince@hotmail.com number 250-532-4674 I work in grande praire Alberta send me a message or call what ever u are comfortable with .my sister Teri told me she had seen u in Sidney u where there for a school reunion sorry I missed you .its funny all these years u have never left my thoughts I am really glad we had the time together it was really special to me .

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