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Anthony/Shanda Leer


Shanda Leer is the Favorite Tipsy Aunt at a Wedding. This drag persona, embodied by Anthony, is continually inspired by his east-coast upbringing and the colourful older women who populated it. As a young, not quite out, gay man, Anthony’s journey to his first gay bar, (across town, so no one would know him), he had a fortuitous encounter with three wise sisters who predicted he’s don a frock. They swooped in on him, made him feel welcome, and as they departed into the fabulous night, one whispered in his ear, “Your drag name should be ‘Shanda Leer’. The prophesy is alive! 

A thinking person’s drag queen, Shanda Leer is a gifted ‘reader’ and can ‘throw shade’ with the best of them. Jump on the train of this gown, well, in Shanda’s case, cock-tail, and meet an interesting and feisty upstart form the East Side.Image


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